Friday, November 8, 2013

More November 2013 Events for St. Louis Nonprofits...

  • Nov. 13, Nonprofit Services Center class on  "Criteria of Leadership" presented by Theresa Mayberry from the Wyman Center, 9-noon, Centene Center for Arts & Ed, $30. Contact NSC to sign up. 
  • Nov. 14, What's Brewing in Rebound Communities: Maplewood, 7-9 am, free breakfast series  from the UMSL's Community Partnerships Project discussing what's worked-- issues, strategies & strengths, opportunities & connections -- in St. Louis area neighborhood development. Call 314-516-6989 or go to What's Brewing Series to find out more 
  • AFP St. Louis - National Philanthropy Day luncheon, America's Center, $55, Honorees include Amy & William Koman, Dick Schul, Ameren, Alexandra Quiroga, Brett Schott, Kate Lyford and Gary Dollar. Call 314-416-2238 or go to