Grants to Individuals

Most philanthropic foundations seek to help individuals by giving grants to established nonprofits in a local community instead of giving the grant directly to individual people. To find a nonprofit or other local organization that offers help in your specific area of need, contact the following:
  • United Way of Greater St. Louis 314/421-INFO or –in Missouri- dial 211 or
  • The Social Services Department of the closest hospital
  • The pastors or daytime staff of churches in your neighborhood
  • Your city alderman and officials at the city, county or state agency that governs your area of need, e.g. social or public services, healthcare, etc.
  •   State—
  • The Grants & Foundation Center has also compiled a print directory—"St. Louis Metro Area Human Service Help Contacts"—indexing more than 500 St. Louis Area Nonprofits currently providing a variety of help to individuals in need. To use this directory, ask at the G&FC desk.

Individuals seeking grants and other funding assistance for pursuing an education or job training program are encouraged to first contact the Financial Aid office of the school they wish to attend. Information on government grants/scholarships and oter financial aid is available at The Grants & Foundation Center also has some resources about foundation or corporate scholarships available to students on the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online database.

Individuals seeking funding to start a small business should ask for the information sheet “Where Can I Find Information about Funding to Start a For-Profit Business” available at the Grants & Foundation Center or check the  For-Profit Start-Up Helps page tab on this blog.                          

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online database, available at the Grants and Foundation Center offers a listing of grants designated to meet a variety of very specific needs, especially in the arts, available directly to individuals from philanthropic foundations.  Requirements vary.

Internet Sites for Individuals Seeking Grants
General Information

Find out which local government or nonprofit agency is eligible to apply for federal grants at:
OR see if you are eligible for a individual funds at

Some grants available for (teaching or student) projects in education at is a nonprofit organization that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals with emergency needs.

Reference Books @ the Grants & Foundation Center

Grants for Individuals, from the Foundation Center.
Annual Register of Grant Support, from Information Today Inc.