Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Foundation Center FIN Details

  • All three Foundation Center databases (Foundation Directory Online Professional, Foundation Grants to Individuals and Philanthropy In/Sight) are currently freely accessible to the public at Central Library on a total of 8 adult reference computers here on the 2nd floor of Central Library.  Four are located in the Social Sciences Rm (near the G&FC collection) and the other four are located in the Entertainment, Literature & Biography room just west of the Great Hall.  For anyone planning a winter visit to Central to search for foundation and corporate grantmakers, these basic eight will be available during all the hours the 2nd floor is open.
  • Tues. Feb. 11, we're offering a 90-minute hands-on tutorial for nonprofit fundraisers on how-to-use Foundation Directory Online Professional and Philanthropy In/Sight to the first 18 nonprofit fundraisers who sign up. The 3 pm session will be held in the 2nd floor training room. New Year's Bonus! Seven lucky attendees will receive free 24-hour gift subscriptions to the Foundation Directory Online Professional. E-mail, call (314-539-0357 is a message phone) or come by to sign up for the class.