Monday, January 30, 2012

Types of St. Louis Foundations (a word from our sponsor)

At last week's overview session, Introduction to Foundation & Corporate Giving, I was asked "how many St. Louis grantmakers of each type are there?" A quick check of the Foundation Directory Online Professional listing of St. Louis Metro Area funding organizations brings up these totals:
  1. Funders accepting applications = 422
  2. Community Foundations=3 (Greater St. Louis, Edwardsville, Highland)
  3. Independent (and family) foundations = 243
  4. Company Sponsored foundations = 32
  5. Corporate Giving Programs = 28
  6. Operating Foundations = 45
  7. Grantmaking public charities = 71
There's some overlap, e.g. a funder is both an operating foundation and a public charity, but those are the general numbers. There are  many more St. Louis metro area foundations not currently accepting applications whose profiles are available on the database. And there are some funders with smaller grant amounts or who, for that or other reasons, do not yet submit profiles to the database.
Got questions? Come in and slice and dice the searches for yourself.