Monday, June 8, 2015

Finding a "Grant Writer" for your NPO

The G&FC can help you find lots of  information in books or at local or online classes about how to write grant proposals, but if your nonprofit is not in a position undertake grantwriting yourselves,  we highly recommend this June 23 class: How to Hire a Grant Writer offered by NSC and taught by Kent Hornberger. Kent will provide answers to such questions as:

  • Should you outsource grant writing or keep it in-house?  
  • Do you need just a "writer" or are you looking for a grant professional to find opportunities, work with staff to prepare proposals and manage grants? 
  • What qualifications, experience and expertise should a grant consultant/writer have? 

  • How much should you pay? 
  • What are the compensation models you can use to negotiate an offer?   
Kent Hornberger is immediate past-president of the St. Louis Regional Chapter of the St. Louis Regional Chapter of the Grant Professionals Assn. E-Mail Karen Cassidy or call  (314) 308-7823 for information about this group's informative monthly programs which are open to nonmembers.