Tuesday, June 30, 2015

7/15/15 Financial Basics for NPOs Session Open

Do you help determine or  your nonprofit organization's spending for programs and operations? If you are new to a nonprofit business organization, or especially to its board of directors, OR if you'd just like a refresher class on 1) reading financial statements, 2) best budgeting and cash management practices, or 3) current public financial accountability requirements, we hope you'll try to attend Nonprofit Financial Basics, Weds. July 15, 2-4 pm to be offered free, here in the Training Rm. at Central Library. 
Mary Kay Lofgren
Stacy Peter
CPAs Mary Kay Lofgren and Stacy Peter, both managers in the nonprofit division at RubinBrown LLC, will guide participants through the informal class, which is sponsored at the G&FC annually  by UMSL's NPML program. 
Hope you'll let your non-accountant friends know about it and come or send a proxy if you can.
Register here.