Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prospect Research Resources for 2015

In 2015, G&FC staff will continue to develop and update the "Pages" offering direct links to recommended sites with good information for fundraisers and nonprofit/philanthropy professionals and volunteers. This week we've posted a new tab for fundraisers seeking to identify individual philanthropists interested in donating to their nonprofit. Here are two great sites to start with:
  1. Prospect Research resources recommended by the Assn  of Professional Researchers for Advancement Missouri-Kansas Chapter, includes excellent database recommendations, and tips. For more about membership in this organization, go to www.apramokan.org.
  2.  Grantspace.org gathers several Foundation Center recommended sites, databases, books, online articles, podcasts, steps in the process and prospect worksheets. Please note, access to databases "available at  some Foundation Center libraries," means the FC only original libraries  located  in NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, Cleveland and San Francisco. Contact the G&FC to find out if they are available free here.
If you're in Chicago, Donors Forum in Chicago offers a free Introduction to Prospect Research class as part of its library's orientation every other Tuesday. Check out the schedule here.

And, for those of you interested in a little more depth, take a look at one of these G&FC books on the subject;
Anybody with additional sites or local classes to recommend, please let me know.