Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Diversity VS Inclusion" -- last 2014 'Basics for Leaders' Topic

In light of recent events in our region we are particularly grateful to the following people and sponsoring organizations for offering expertise on an important topic:
  Tues. Sept. 30, 3-5pm, Basics for Nonprofit Leaders: Diversity VS Inclusion  Do your organization's leaders, staff members and volunteers know the difference? What does 'diversity' mean for your nonprofit? At this 4th session*  in our 2014 Basics4Leaders series, Sister Mary Margaret Bright, project coordinator at the Incarnate Word Foundation, Reena Hajat Carroll, executive director of the Diversity Awareness Partnership, and Rick Skinner, vp of the Volunteer Center at United Way of Greater St. Louis,  will lead an interactive workshop to help your nonprofit discover the benefits of true diversity in all aspects of governance, operations and outreach. Free, 2nd floor training rm.
Just send us your name + a daytime phone #  if you plan to attend so we can have enough materials ready.

* Earlier topics --legal issues, fundraising concerns, financial issues