Monday, March 25, 2013

Care to Collaborate?

Have you seen the new St. Louis Collaborations Directory compiled and published by the Gateway Center for Giving? It's a "Directory of Significant Collaborations" in the region compiled for grantmakers on the principle that individual organizations working together on issues can produce a powerful and effective collective impact on the communities they serve. The 23 collaborations listed have 5 or more active member organizations, have been working on an issue beyond the missions of the individual organizations for at least 18 months, and represent organizations from more than one sector (e.g. nonprofit service providers, funders, businesses, government agencies, etc).  A NonMember version can be downloaded from

And remember, information (including access to supporting documents) about some 650 collaborations around the U.S. is available free at, The site offers free access to a searchable database funded by the Lodestar Foundation The ability to search by multiple criteria, including key words, provides the opportunity to explore the database using factors that are most relevant to your needs.