Saturday, November 26, 2011

Background Reading -Tools for the New Year

  • In October Angela Williams, from the national staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters, presented an excellent program here at Schlafly on Board Diversity in nonprofit organizations cosponsored by BoardLink Stl. She mentioned the usefulness of a community asset mapping process. One helpful guide to this process is UMSL's Community Partnership Project's "Community Tool Kit" available at   Also relevant is the article " Leveraging the Transformative Potential of Diversity" by Patricia Bradshaw and Christopher Fredette in the Spring 2011 issue of The Nonprofit Quaraterly, available here in the G&FC or at
  • Collective Impact was the topic of another great program presented here by ARCHS leadership earlier this month and at the annual St. Louis Philanthropic Landscape presentation by the Rome Group last summer. Just a reminder: that we have a hard copy of the Stanford Social Innovation Review article on the topic here or you can find it at