Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer 2011 Odds 'N Ends

  • Thanks to local fundraising author Carol Weismann who responded to our request for a copy of her hard-to-find Secrets of Successful Retreats by supplying us with additional copies of her Raising Charitable Children and Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes as well.

  • Check out this year's new educational and financial support and opportunities for nonprofits available from the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Wash U and Youthbridge Community Foundation at at

  • Labor Day last-minute alert: The St. Louis chapter of the American Association of Grant Prfessionals Sept. 6 meeting on How to Make an Ask Compelling on Both Emotional and Rational Levels, led by Melinda McAliney of Lutheran Foundation and Maryanne Dersch of 501 Creative Sept. 6 carry-in lunch, $15 for nonmembers at Central Reform Congregation, Call 618-493-9423 to make a reservation