Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not-Exactly-Nonprofit Book Suggestions...

Wanted to call your attention to two "regular" library (non-G&FC) books you might find helpful:
  • Everyone Helps, Everyone Wins, How Absolutely Anyone Can Pitch In, Help Out, Give Back and Make the World a Better Place by David T. Levinson -- readable and comprehensive, this book offers practical tips for would-be volunteers and for the agencies who need them. Any of you volunteer managers got a comment? (We've now got brochures about the Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association available or check out for more help in this area.)
  • Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, comes highly recommended by G&FC patron Pamela Devine. "It's a fascinating book that analyzes the resistance we have to change and how to overcome it. Prior to reading it, I thought getting things done in slow-moving organizations depended on a never-ending supply of enthusiasm and a big budget. The stories in the book show how a specific strategy has the potential to make things happen before the enthusiasm has been depleted." Thanks, Pamela.

And don't forget, Sue Greenberg of VLAA and I will be hosting an informal "show and tell" session here 2/24 (3-4:30 pm) with books individual artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers can turn to for inspiration and/or practical business advice.