Saturday, March 27, 2010

Learn Grant Management Basics Here April 15

Presumably you've finished -- and sent in -- your personal income tax forms, so you're ready to come to Central Library April 15 from 3-5 pm in Meeting Rm. 1 to learn about the forms, contracts, issues and reporting requirements to be attended to once your organization has secured a grant. Dan Sise, an attorney and NPML community angagement associate, will update the overview of this topic, with recommended resources, he led here last fall. The program is free, but please register with us so we can prepare enough materials. Cosponsored by NPML

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Books for Income-Seeking Artists

At yesterday's session here for individual artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers, Sue Greenberg from VLAA described books every artist should read to help advance their careers in the profession. These included legal and business guides for specific artistic genres and some more general advice and inspiration like Robert Fisher's Getting to Yes, Richard Shell's Bargaining for Advantage, Heather Bhandari's Art/Work, and Moss Hart's Act I. Yesterday's p(art)icipants also recommended Paul Virilio's Art and Fear and J. Jason Horeijs' "Starving " to Successful. (Most of these are, or will soon be, part of SLPL's collection.) If any of you have additional recommendations, feel free to post a comment here.
BTW, VLAA has several wonderful, free publications or downloadable guides on various aspects of the arts "business." Look under "Get Smart" on the VLAA website below.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NSC's Helpful Consultant Directory Back in Action

Not only has the Nonprofit Services Center moved to a new office, 326 South 21st Street, Suite 301, St. Louis, MO 63103 (Phone, fax and emails remain the same)' their online Consultant Connection™ is again searchable by area of expertise as well as name. If you need a "grant writer", for example, check that box on the search form and take a look at the list your search brings up.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March St. Louis Nonprofit/Fundraiser Opportunities...

This last (we hope) month of wintry weather in St. Louis is blowing in several opportunities to find answers to your nonprofit's questions. Our G&FC partner organizations are offering:

  • AFP St. Louis' Spring Fundraising Fundamentals series (scholarships available) begins March 24. Get details and sign-up for individual sessions or all six by calling 314-416-2232.

  • The Nonprofit Services Center will be conducting seminars on Advanced Fundraising Strategies and Strategic Communications in St. Louis. Find out more and enroll at the NSC website in the partner links column of this blog.

  • Anyone interested in the launch summit meeting for STAR (St. Louis Alliance for Reentry) must register by March 9. Go to the ARCHS website, also linked on this blog, scroll down and click on STAR for details; or phone 314-289-5625.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Books Every Working Artist-Writer-Musician-Filmmaker Should Read

March 18, 3-5pm Central Library Mtg. Rm. 1. Sue Greenberg from VLAA St. Louis will share her "Top 12" list of information about the best ways to handle the legal, financial and marketing issues creative artists must confront in order to succeed in their chosen careers. Call or e-mail the G&FC to sign up so there'll be enough helpful hand-outs available at this session.