Friday, March 19, 2010

More Books for Income-Seeking Artists

At yesterday's session here for individual artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers, Sue Greenberg from VLAA described books every artist should read to help advance their careers in the profession. These included legal and business guides for specific artistic genres and some more general advice and inspiration like Robert Fisher's Getting to Yes, Richard Shell's Bargaining for Advantage, Heather Bhandari's Art/Work, and Moss Hart's Act I. Yesterday's p(art)icipants also recommended Paul Virilio's Art and Fear and J. Jason Horeijs' "Starving " to Successful. (Most of these are, or will soon be, part of SLPL's collection.) If any of you have additional recommendations, feel free to post a comment here.
BTW, VLAA has several wonderful, free publications or downloadable guides on various aspects of the arts "business." Look under "Get Smart" on the VLAA website below.