Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Need Help Filing for your 501(C)3?

To help you select your nonprofit/fundraising reading this summer, we've asked VLAA summer interns to highlight and comment on some of the books available in our G&FC collection (and elsewhere)

IRS Form 1023 Tax Preparation Guide by Jody Blazek, CPA

Despite the fact that this book was written in 2004, it remains an excellent resource to use while filling out IRS Form 1023. (FYI: Sept. 2009 Form 1023 Revision changes are summarized at ) The guide is easy to understand and takes the reader from the application process through the approval process. Line-by-line instructions for filling out Form 1023 and explanations of each of the form’s special schedules are presented in great detail. The author also explains what things the IRS is looking for when examining an application and warns the reader of organizational characteristics that may prevent an application from being approved. Appendices in the back show the reader what a complete Form 1023 and its attachments might look like for both a public charity and a private operating foundation. The appendices also include IRS correspondence samples, such as the acknowledgement of the applicant’s request and determination letters recognizing exemption. This book answers many questions a reader may have about filling out Form 1023.

--reviewed by Shannon Martínez, VLAA Intern
Law Student at Saint Louis University School of Law