Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can NPO Law Be Made "Easy"?

To help you select your nonprofit/fundraising reading this summer, we've asked VLAA summer interns to highlight and comment on some of the books available in our G&FC collection (and elsewhere)

Nonprofit Law Made Easy by Bruce H. Hopkins

This book guides the reader through the legal obligations a nonprofit organization must fulfill. Hopkins stresses the importance of understanding what a nonprofit is and of filing government forms properly. He uses simple language to explain the law and each chapter is broken down into the most prevalent legal issues nonprofits face. Chapters contain multiple short summaries of the legal terms and requirements associated with each of these issues. The volume helps the reader become aware of the legal matters he/she must think about before forming a nonprofit. It is recommended as a first step rather than a guide for those looking for a brief and simple introduction to nonprofit law. Nonprofit Law Made Easy will open the reader's eyes to the legal complexities of a nonprofit, but should not replace consultation with a real live legal expert.
--reviewed by Whitney Digilio, VLAA intern,
Washington University School of Law student