Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prisoner Reentry Partners Event Jan. 27

In the Rome Group's 2009 survey of St. Louis area donors, 50% of funders surveyed said developing more partnerships with other nonprofits is the best way for a nonprofit to promote its need for funding.
If your group provides services for ex-offenders and/or their families, you are invited to come, learn more about the possibilities for creative partnerships to enable you to effectively provide help in this field. The free presentation on Weds., Jan 27, 3-5pm here at Central is cosponsored by the G&FC and ARCHS St. Louis. ARCHS works with the federal and state government and area nonprofits who provide reentry services and was the only organization in Missouri to receive Second Chance Act reentry funding.
Preregistration is required. Contact us with questions.