Finding Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector

Finding Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector

Information from the St. Louis Public Library’s Grants & Foundation Center

Websites posting Nonprofit job openings

Local positions:

Regional/Nationwide Openings:
v  ( Associated Grant Makers. Massachusetts)
v  (Commongood Careers.  Site Run by Recruiters)
v  (Development Executive Group)
v (Executives/Fundraisers/Senior management)
v  (Site Run by Recruiters)
v  (Illinois)
v (California)
v  (Nonprofit Technology Network.)
v (East Coast)
v (Northwest United States)


The Grants & Foundation Center, a Foundation Center Funding Information Network partner, has  ‘how-to” guides for various nonprofit jobs, e.g. Bookkeeping Basics for Nonprofits, as well as detailed guides for nonprofit fundraisers, marketers and board members -- all available for circulation.  Contact us about specific topics.                          


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